AlgebraicJulia is an ecosystem of software tools written in Julia to explore and promote the application of algebraic methods in computer science and scientific computing.


SemanticModels.jl is a package for representing scientific models at the semantic level to enable augmented scientific reasoning. It applies techniques from applied category theory to build mathematical models of scientific modeling practices.

Golang and Julia: Frenemies?

Two modern languages, two ends of spectrum As Go approaches its second version, and Julia approaches version 1.0 the differences between Julia and Go spring to the front of my mind. I talked to a lot of people at JuliaCon and was surprised to find that almost no one had used the Go programming language for any serious work. Julia was invented in 2012 so it no surprise that everyone had programming experience in another language.

Julia Graphs

JuliaGraphs is the primary organization dedicated to the advancement of graph theory and algorithms in the Julia Programming language. The flagship project is LightGraphs.jl the premier graph library in the Julia Ecosystem.