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Python for Data analysis

Part 1 Python for Data Analysis I am reading this book and it is really good. Everyone who wants to do Data analysis should read this book and consider using these tools. It presents NumPy and SciPy for numeric and vectorized operations, matplotlib for fast and programmatic plotting, and Pandas for a robust Data structure framework. It also goes over some data formats and tools for parsing them. Part 2 I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the book by Wes McKinney.

First Semester of Grad School

Friday concluded my first semester at Georgia Tech, and it went well. I took two classes and learned a lot. Machine Learning 1 with Le SongĀ and Massive Graph Analysis with my adviser David Bader. My course projects both taught me a lot. The MGA course project was a lot of nitty gritty C coding with OpenMP. This taught me a lot about writing and debugging parallel code. Because of this Rob McColl and I are starting to think about higher level interfaces to STINGER.